Offshore Oil & Gas

The company has extensive experience in the design and engineering of a wide range of major projects, with a proven global track record.

Onshore Oil & Gas

Complete range of Onshore facilities - Production, Processing, Storage, Transportation & Terminals.

Refineries & Petrochemicals

Extensive capabilities and experience in the Design and Engineering of Process facilities in Refineries and Petrochemicals.

Renewables & Biofuels

Leading player in the fast growing Biofuels sector with experience with Biomass/ Waste to Biogas, 2G Ethanol, etc. Additionally, leveraging considerable experience in Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas to execute projects in Offshore Wind, etc.


Experience and expertise in the transportation of Oil & Gas through Pipelines (Cross-Country, Infield, etc.) for Crude Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, Products, etc.