Renewables & Biofuels

TES is a leader in the swiftly growing Renewables + Biofuels sectors. It has worked with clients on FEED, Detailed Engineering and PMC due to its in-depth experience and focus on providing the optimal design for constructability in terms of cost and efficiency. The company has experience with a variety of technologies of technologies for Straw to Biogas, Biomass to 2G Ethanol, Waste to Syngas, etc.

Triune Energy Services additionally, through a sister company CH4 Biotech, has its own technology solution for the only commercial sized operating Straw to Paddy Straw plant. It additionally has a 500MW Offshore Wind Converter Station BDEP that is ready to be deployed for swift execution of a project.

The company’s capability in Renewables & Biofuels include:

  • Offshore Wind
  • Biomass or Waste to Biogas
  • Biomass or Waste to Syngas
  • Biomass or Waste to 2G Ethanol
  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation, Storage
  • Blue and Green Hydrogen
  • Energy Storage Solutions